What Does The Crystal Ball Say For Mankind?

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More touch screen technology applied to everyday life. School chalk boards and desks replaced with touch boards. Work office boards replaced with touch boards. Computers will lose the mouse and keyboard and go to just a screen with touch screen technology. Voice recognition typing will be used also. Hospitals will have this technology too. The IPad will become even more popular in the next five years. It won’t just be used for entertainment, but it will have other important applications; used as a medical chart that transfers data between doctors not just in a hospital, but throughout all hospitals. That’s useful for opinions on serious medical problems and what to do. Hologram technology will begin in the next ten to twenty years, giving us 3D imaging that will have many useful applications. The days of pen and paper will almost be just a novelty.

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Our cell phones will react to our enviroments more. This means, paying our bills, acting like a credit card, etc. Cell phones will interact with us for example giving us historical data on street corners. “This use to be where…” Faster broadband strength on our cellular devices, just as fast as wireless. Cell phones will almost be just as fast and store just as much as a computer can.

Clothing will track vital statistics for us. Mood sensing technology will be applied to our homes. So if we come home in a bad mood, our mood sensor will use wireless technology to turn on our favorite music to cheer us up, maybe talk to us in a voice that soothes us, recommend our favorite food, etc. We also begin to see first gen robots doing simple tasks in our lives.

If the 2000’s was about social connection in the world through cell phones, facebook, youtube, etc. The 2010’s-2020’s will be about technological interaction. So what do you think?  What will technology look like 50 years from now? 

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